This Unique New Sneaker Is Getting Extremely High Praises From Everyone, Runners, Athletes And Workers.
David Whitman | Jun 15, 2022

When a pair of seemingly ordinary sneakers has extraordinary reviews, there’s got to be a reason. Such is the case with the men’s and women’s Hsweet™ Sport Shoes. With over 1200 combined reviews and an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars, the $39.95 sneakers have caught our attention.

The increasingly-popular shoes are the first iteration of the American brand’s best-selling running shoe. Billed as a “performance and running shoe that’s fast, light and agile,” the Hsweet™ Sport Shoes’s are designed to fit the needs of just about anyone looking for a stylish, comfortable pair of sneakers.

The unique new sneaker is getting high praise from everyone, including runners, workers on their feet all day, and even those dealing with foot pain.

“I have been a loyal Hsweet™ Sport Shoes wearer since I discovered they were the answer to my prayers for horrible plantar fasciitis. Super comfortable,” writes one reviewer.

The Hsweet™ Sport Shoes is making a big imprint for people who are on their feet all day, too. One hospital worker says they’ve been a game-changer. “I found out about these shoes from a coworker,” she writes. “Nice round toe box and good arch support. My feet are so happy during my shift... and I’m on them all day! These are so light, it is truly like walking on a cloud!”

Seasoned runners are also discovering the benefits of the Hsweet™ Sport Shoes. One runner says, “I’ve had my Hsweet™ Sport Shoes’s for a couple years now. In that time, I’ve probably put around 300,000 miles on them. They’re still holding up.”

The reviews don’t stop there, either. Commenters unanimously agree: the Hsweet™ Sport Shoes are lightweight, offer great support, have a sleek design, and are absolutely worth getting.

The Fit And Feel

Overall fit and support: “Awesome shoes so far!! I have only been using them for a week but good support, fits perfectly, and super comfy. I’m on my feet all day running back and forth at work and since I have started using these shoes, no foot, ankle, back pain since using them.”

Comfort level: “For the past 6 weeks, while on the job, I wore them at least 10 hours a day, every day. They were incredible! I was on my feet the whole time and never had a moment’s discomfort. It’s hard to emphasize just how good my feet felt. The sneaker is not bulky or over-constructed. In fact, it seems like a simple, but unique design. It is lightweight, flexible and quite attractive. I’ve just ordered a second pair because I find myself unwilling to put anything else on my feet!”

The Design

They say anything connecting you to the ground should be high quality, and that philosophy resulted in the unique design of the Hsweet™ Sport Shoes.

By encasing dense supergases inside urethane plastic, they were able to provide advanced cushioning and bounce-back while stepping. It’s like the shoe bounces your foot up from the ground. This increases performance in athletic sports such as running and basketball, as well as softening the blows your feet take all day when on the job. But that’s not the only thing this shoes has going for it...

Breathable: “The uppers are such high quality. They’re individually stitched instead of using pieces of fabric, so your toes can actually breathe.”

Sleek design: “Incredibly comfortable shoe, and the all-black variant can pass as a fashion sneaker. They look and feel well-made, and this model has some intentional asymmetry that keeps them looking modern.”

Style versatility: “I love these shoes! They were recommended by a friend of mine and I could not be happier with my purchase. They are comfortable and durable, and they look great with jeans or work out clothes!”

Seems like everyone is excited about the Hsweet™ Sport Shoes

Since its introduction, the Hsweet™ Sport Shoes has been the fastest-selling American-brand shoe in the country, with over 2 million pairs already sold.

And that’s made even more impressive with the fact that you can’t find them in stores! The only way to get them is through the official website.

Here’s what people are social media:

Look for the Hsweet™ Sport Shoes at the next big game

Z’Dan’iel Hockitt has been absolutely dominating in the paint this season for the Wildcats, and he attributes much of his play to his new sneakers:

“I feel like I have springs under my feet now. My rebound totals are up, and switching to the Hsweet™ Sport Shoes has been a big part of that.”

- Z’Dan’iel Hockitt

His coach is just as impressed.

“That kid’s really elevated his game recently. He’s been putting in the time in the gym, and he’s gone with a podiatrist-recommended shoe, which he says is helping him cut quicker and make the plays. Hey, all I care about is that he’s putting up the points.”

- Coach Klay, Wildcats


The fit offers incredible support in a lightweight design that makes for a universal sneaker. As one reviewer points out, “I bought these shoes when I was dealing with plantar fasciitis and have been buying them ever since. They are not called ‘cloud’ for nothing!”

Does the price tag match the quality?

One of the biggest things the Hsweet™ Sport Shoes has going for it is the price tag. At $39.95, it comes in well under some of the bigger brands’ performance-level athletic shoes, which can go well over $100. And, consumers agree...

Hsweet™ Sport Shoes are better quality than the more expensive shoes, and also last much longer,” writes one buyer.

Another commented, “Unlike expensive shoes like Nike — these are very well worth it.”

If you’re in the market for a comfortable, light, durable pair of sneakers you can wear just about anywhere and with anything, skip the ultra-expensive brands and opt for an affordable, quality, lightweight shoe that puts a spring in your step. Check out Hsweet™ Sport Shoess.

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Chara Gallimore · Detroit, Michigan
I love these shoes. They run slightly small but that's because they fit to your feet really well then break in and become WAAAY more comfortable!
· Reply · 38 · 5:10 PM
Lisa Mabe · Columbus, Ohio
I love these shoes, enough to buy a second pair! They fit perfectly, are soooo comfortable and are good quality. I couldn't be happier!
· Reply · 32 · 6:58 AM
Daniel McGahey · IT
We bought these for our son as a great birthday gift. They are stylish but yet tough judging by the feel and material. The size was PERFECT!!
· Reply · 43 · 10:22 AM
Carolynn Futch · California City, California
I love these shoes. They are super cute, fit my long narrow foot very well and still look brand new. I have worn these to work, on dinner dates, to the mall and to concerts and they still look new.
· Reply · 22 · 6:44 PM
Steven Turner · California City, California
Seems like really cool shoes, I'll have to check it out...
· Reply · 40 · 7:55 PM
Evan MacLeod · Los Angeles, California
I’ve seen cheap knock-off versions of these shoes in big box stores, but Hsweet™ Sport Shoes are by far the best. Solid and quality wear and tear performance!
· Reply · 38 · 7:28 AM
Cammy Sumpur · Anchorage, Alaska
Wonderful! I hve plantar fasciitis and heels hurt after walking in them. But these my feet feel comfortable and they don’t hurt at all. I can see myself walking all day in these without any pain. Love them and the size was a perfect fit.
· Reply · 32 · 9:48 AM
Melanie McCabe · Seattle, Washington
I love these! I wore them all day and was comfortable My feet are slightly narrow and I tend to run between and 6.5 or 7 in shoe size. The 7 fit me perfectly.
· Reply · 28 · 11:48 AM
Scott Richards · Dallas, Texas
I've had my eyes on these for a while and based on reviews I think I'm gonna have to buy some!
· Reply · 18 · 12:15 PM